Guard Tour System - Liaoyuan Public Security Bureau

Location:Liaoyuan Public Security Bureau


Project Necessity:

Patrol police are people’s policemen who use patrols to perform duties on a certain route or in a certain area. The main responsibilities are: maintaining public order in the jurisdiction, preventing and stopping public security cases and emergencies; preventing and stopping criminal acts; participating in the handling of disastrous accidents; maintaining traffic order; accepting citizens to report to the police; persuading and stopping civil affairs in public places Disputes; provide assistance and services to the society and citizens, so the work of the patrol is very important.


Liaoyuan City is a city in the south-central part of Jilin Province. In order to realize an effective patrol prevention and control system with unified command, rapid police reception, garrison street, police linkage, and rapid response, the Shuangliao Public Security Bureau uses technical means to effectively manage patrol officers and patrol team members. To combat crime efficiently, Shuangliao City Public Security Bureau adopts the JWM GuardTour Patrol System to assist the police in their work.


Project Introduction:

According to the customized requirements for the Public Security Bureau of Shuangliao City, JWM specifically designed the public security patrol management system, which can formulate the patrol route and time of the patrol in advance and arrange the patrol personnel. The on-duty patrolman holds a GPS guard tour patrol reader, patrols according to the regulations of the command center, punches in the checkpoint, and uploads it to the management center via GPRS. This set of guard tour system software analyzes, processes, and counts the returned data, and prepares reports, which provides a scientific and accurate assessment basis for the command center.

Solve Problems:

1. Real-time data upload, through the control command center, real-time monitoring of patrol police, to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
2. The guard tour system reader has a one-button alarm function, which speeds up the speed of the police and protects the personal and property safety of the patrol officers and citizens.
3. Obtain more scientific patrol resource data, which can summarize patrol data and conduct patrol situation assessment.
4. Strengthen the scientific means of security management, and the technological realization is advanced.

Product Introduction: