Guard Tour System – Liaoning Xinfeng Construction Engineering Co., LTD

Location: Liaoning Xinfeng Construction Engineering Co., LTD

Project Necessity:

  • 1. In the office building, equipment faults cannot be found in time, affecting the normal work of employees.
  • 2. The security guard often forgets to check the fire-fighting facilities in the building, which leads to the equipment being expired or damaged.
  • 3. After leaving the company, the manager cannot timely know the security patrol situation, and the safety of the company cannot be guaranteed.


In order to strengthen the daily management of the company’s office building, ensure the safe use of water, power and othe Save r infrastructure in the building, and ensure the timely detection and maintenance of faulty equipment; to establish a civilized, comfortable and quiet working environment, Liaoning Xinfeng Construction Engineering Co., LTD decided to adopt JWM cloud patrol system to ensure the company’s office security.

Project Introduction

Firstly, install checkpoint on the company’s patrol route or equipment. The ID number pair of checkpoint should be set as “name of actual installation place” through the management software. In combination with the actual patrol management requirements, the corresponding patrol time should be set through the guard tour system software (patrol plan). Then the guard tour patrol system reader will be issued to the hands of the security personnel, the security personnel holding the guard tour patrol system reader to arrive at the designated checkpoint, the guard tour patrol system reader will automatically record the name of the corresponding location and the arrival time, at the same time through GPRS/4G patrol information uploaded to the management center. The management center can check the patrol situation and alarm data of patrol personnel in real time through the electronic map. Patrol report is counted by day, month and year, which provides scientific and effective assessment basis for managers.

Solve Problems:

  • 1. Solved the problem that equipment damage in the office building could not be known in time, which affected the normal work of the company.
  • 2. Solve the problem that the fire-fighting facilities in the building often forget to check, which leads to expired or damaged equipment and brings safety risks.
  • 3. Solved the problem that the manager could not check the security patrol report in the first time after leaving the company.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L4D