Guard Tour System – Liaoning Welfare Center

Location: Liaoning Welfare Center

Project Necessity:

Welfare lottery work involves a wide range of people and high social attention. It is an important task of welfare lottery agencies to ensure the safe operation of welfare lottery work. Especially as the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to comprehensively strengthen the safety management of welfare lottery sales and provide a safe and secure buying environment for lottery players, the welfare lottery management agency puts safety in the first place, establishes the concept of “safe operation and healthy development”, and carefully investigates possible existence safety hazards.


In order to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the Welfare Lottery issuance and prevent all kinds of safety liability accidents, the Welfare Lottery Center has introduced a patrol management system to ensure that security personnel can check the safety hazards of betting stations and online sales halls as required. JWM guard tour system protect welfare lottery safety JWM has always provided strong security protection for Welfare Lottery Center.

Project Introduction:

The management center develops a patrol plan through the security guard tour patrol management system software, installs checkpoints on the patrol line, and the security personnel hold a guard tour system reader and check in with the checkpoint. After the patrol is finished, the data is uploaded to the computer of the management center and generated by the guard tour software system The patrol report can generate daily reports, weekly reports, annual reports, etc. to complete the assessment of security.
Through this system, the hospital security patrol personnel are encouraged to patrol the departments, laboratories, halls, corridors, fire-fighting facilities and the surrounding areas of the building according to the system in order to find hidden dangers and solve them in time. This patrol method can be greatly strengthened In order to improve the safety of the hospital, effective supervision and management of the security patrol work of the security personnel.

Solve Problems:

1. Once an accident or emergency occurs, it can be reported in time through a one-key alarm and an emergency plan can be activated for proper handling, so as to minimize the loss caused by the accident and disaster. 

2. The lottery warehouse was checked for safety as required, and the doors and windows in the warehouse were checked for firmness, moisture-proof and rat-proof, to ensure the safe storage of lottery tickets. 

3. Solve the problem of missing patrols, strengthen on-duty duty, earnestly perform duties, ensure that security guards patrol on duty, and provide a safe order and environment for lottery players.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L5