Guard Tour System - Liaoning Science and Technology Museum

Location: Liaoning Science and Technology MuseumTD

Project Necessity

  • 1. Exhibits in the pavilion are easy to be damaged; the complex power supply lines in the stadium are prone to fire.
  • 2. Safety channel and other position patrol is not in accordance with the provisions, there are hidden safety.
  • 3. Traditional patrols are bad for management, and the ordinary patrol cannot play an assessment role. It is difficult to collect the management data of each department, and it is not easy to find the patrol data.
  • 4. The management personnel cannot guarantee the quality of the security patrol, and cannot know whether the security guard patrols according to the requirements, whether the patrol is missing or not.


The new museum of science and technology of Liaoning province is located at no. 159, Wisdom Third Street, Hunnan District, Shenyang, with a total construction area of 102,508 ㎡. Safety management is the most important means to ensure the service quality of science and technology museum! Especially during the opening of the museum, security patrol is the top priority of security management. Only patrols and inspections at any time and place can ensure the safety of the pavilion and nip potential security risks in the bud.

Project Introduction

In order to ensure the patrol personnel to patrol the museum 24 hours a day, the security department of the museum has introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system, and installed checkpoints for the six exhibition halls, five cinemas, fire control passageways, security doors, corridors, elevator entrances and other locations that need to focus on checking security risks and monitoring blind areas, and conducted security patrols. Through the background guard tour system software to set up the patrol plan, the security guard in charge of patrol hand guard tour system patrol reader, according to the designated time to the designated location after approach checkpoint, patrol opportunity automatically record the location name and arrival time.

Solve Problems

  • 1. During the opening of the exhibition hall, security patrols should be conducted to prevent visitors from damaging the exhibits.
  • 2. Patrol according to the plan can prevent theft, fire and public security incidents, and timely find whether the doors, windows and exhibits are different, altered or damaged. In case of emergency, contact the management center in time and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with them.
  • 3. Carry out vehicle management and crowd flow management at night outside the exhibition hall to prevent damage and congestion.
    4. Make patrol records available, prevent security personnel from being lazy, improve security awareness and realize scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000ES