Guard Tour System – Liaoning Building

Location: Liaoning Building

Project Necessity

1. Due to the hotel’s large staff mobility, complex staff, large fire load, there are a large number of combustible, flammable materials and living items, if a fire, it is easy to quickly spread.
2. The hotel’s kitchen cookstoves and restaurants (hot pot, alcohol lamp) belong to the use of open flames more places, such as on the stove to cook food, such as failing to look after, prone to dry food or fire in oil spill ignition phenomenon, cause fire, personnel exchanges and hotel complex, may be a dispute within the hotel, causing conflict, therefore it is imperative to strengthen the hotel patrol.


Patrol is an important means to ensure the safety of the hotel! Although patrol can not directly create quality, but patrol can find out the problem, only to correct the problem found out, eliminate safety hazards, can produce a type of spiraling quality cycle .And how to manage the patrol staff, to ensure that every place in the hotel is checked in place, everything is always someone to check, is the top priority in the management work. The security department of Liaoning tower has introduced the JWM – “Code Cloud” cloud patrol management system, which allows the management staff to supervise the staff to patrol the situation to ensure the safety of the hotel.

Project Introduction

“Code cloud” cloud patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, big data technology as the core, relying on the internet-based platform patrol management system. Install checkpoints at locations where patrols are required, security concerns and surveillance blind spots. Patrol personnel hold the guard tour patrol reader to checkpoint to collect information, the system will automatically record the patrol personnel to the location of the exact time and location name. Real-time patrol information is sent to the cloud platform through GPRS/3G wireless communication. In addition to using computers, managers can also check patrol information anytime and anywhere through mobile apps such as mobile phones, tablets or WeChat.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol according to plan to prevent theft, fire and security incidents, and check the fire exits, elevators, hallways and other locations of the hotel for abnormal, damage or malfunction.
2. Check all kinds of fire fighting facilities in the hotel such as fire automatic alarm system, hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system, smoke prevention and exhaust system according to plan to ensure that the facilities are in good condition and can play their due role.
3. Patrol according to the plan to deal with general safety and fire cases and customer complaints. In case of emergency, timely contact the hotel lobby manager and quickly mobilize staff to deal with it.
4. Make the patrol records available, prevent the hotel staff from missing the patrol, improve the safety awareness, and realize scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: Cloud Guard Tour Management System