Guard Tour System–Kunming Tongren Pedestrian Street

Location: Kunming Tongren Pedestrian Street

Project Necessity

The traffic flow and logistics of the major commercial pedestrian streets in the city are rampant. The scale of various activities is getting larger and larger. The crowd is becoming more and more crowded. The risk of safety accidents is also increasing. The management of emergencies has increased difficulties.


In order to better manage the pedestrian street and maintain the overall image of the pedestrian street, the Kunming colleague residents committee arranged for the security team to carry out 24-hour monitoring tasks within the area of the pedestrian street to ensure the normal business order of the merchants in the street and deal with fire safety and emergencies. However, the security team members often lazy, or break the signing tool, so that the management of the neighborhood committees is difficult.

Project Introduction

Through the introduction of the JWM guard tour system, neighborhood committees use technology to regulate security patrols to patrol pedestrian streets according to the required time and location, truly protecting the safety and image of pedestrian streets, while reducing the cost of use.

Solve Problems

1. Address patrolling gaps, strengthen duty and guard, strictly implement patrol plans and systems, effectively perform duties, increase the frequency of patrols, ensure 24-hour contact, rationally deploy manpower and material resources, and ensure a smooth exchange of information.
2. Strengthen the security and investigation of critical posts and key points of pedestrian streets, and ensure that in the event of an accident or emergency, it can be properly handled in accordance with relevant regulations, procedures, and emergency plans, so as to minimize the losses caused by accidents and disasters.
3. Replaced the traditional form of sign-in, through the induction card technology, reducing the cost of use and maintenance.
4. The BS version of the patrol management software is used to achieve unified management and maintenance of data. Neighborhood committees can review the patrol data of the security team at any time, achieve unified management of the patrols of security personnel, and can form report documents to be documented.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5