Guard Tour System - Kanghuai E-commerce Center

Location: Kanghuai E-commerce Center

Project Necessity

  • 1. The management cannot know whether the security personnel patrol on time in accordance with the requirements, whether there is leakage patrol and other situations, and the security of the park cannot be guaranteed.
  • 2. The patrol record can only be uploaded to the management end for sorting after the patrol of the whole park is completed by the general guard tour patrol system reader, and the real-time patrol report cannot be obtained by the management.
  • 3. Security personnel work passively and neglect their duties. In order to be lazy, they drop and smash the guard tour patrol system reader, intentionally damage the equipment, fail to reach the assessment function and increase the repair cost.


Shenzhen International Modern City Logistics Port Co., LTD a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen International Holdings Co., LTD has created a new business model of logistics park business with its asset-light operation of the Kanghuai project, and has excellent logistics infrastructure and rich experience in operation and management of the park. JWM guard tour patrol system for Kanghuai E-commerce Center to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of the community residents and the integrity of community equipment.

Project Introduction

There are many different companies settled in the whole park of Kanghuai E-commerce Center, most of which focus on logistics and e-commerce. As the packaging materials of these commodities are paper products and plastic, fire prevention and daily patrol in the park need to be paid more attention. The manager first installs checkpoints at the locations where patrols are needed according to the actual situation of the park, then arranges patrol personnel, sets the patrol time and cycle, and records the information into the intelligent guard patrol system. The system will sort out all the information and make patrol plans. Security guards patrol, patrol hand-held guard tour patrol system reader according to the plan, position on time to read the card and check if there is a potential safety hazard around, after will be patrolling by patrolling on the information and transmit it to the management side, the management center can receive real-time security guards patrol schedule, after the security guards patrol, the system automatically sorting data, made from patrol report for managers to view, report will show the actual situation of the security personnel patrol.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Solved the problem that the management could not know whether the security personnel missed or even did not patrol.
  • 2. Solved the problem that ordinary patrol could not upload patrol data in real time, and problems could not be solved in time.
  • 3. Solve the problem that the ordinary guard tour patrol system reader is easy to be damaged artificially, resulting in unnecessary repair cost.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5