Guard Tour System - JWM escorted the G20 summit

Location:JWM escorted the G20 summit

Project Necessity:

1. The patrol personnel do not patrol carefully, and the situation of missed and wrong inspection cannot ensure the safety of the port area and personnel.
2. Patrols tend to ignore key patrol areas, causing safety hazards.
3. The unified management of patrol data is difficult, and it is easy to cause data fraud and accidents.


The eleventh summit of G20 leaders was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Leaders of the G20 members, guest countries and relevant international organizations will be invited to attend the meeting. Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend and preside over the meeting. In order to ensure the smooth holding of the G20 summit, Zhejiang Province has used the police force of the whole province to do various security work carefully.

Project Introduction:

In order to ensure high security in the port area and wharf during the G20 summit, the Meishan Port Police Station under the Ningbo Port Public Security Bureau and the Meishan Border Inspection Duty Station carried out 24-hour patrols around the ports, ships, dangerous goods storage yards and guards in the port area. In order to complete the patrol inspection work with quality and quantity, the police center uses the JWM Patrol Management System to centrally manage the patrols, ensuring that foreign personnel and vehicles enter and exit the port area and dock strictly for inspection and registration, and further advance G20 security work.

Solve Problems:

1. Setting patrol tasks through the guard patrol management software system can ensure that the patrol officers check the safety of the entire port area and the terminal on time and according to the location, and realize centralized management.
2. Inspections include 24-hour patrols and inspections around key guard locations such as wharves, ships, dangerous goods yards and guards in the port area. Through targeted inspections, missed inspections and false inspections are reduced, and the safety of the port area and personnel is ensured.
3. Improve the quality of patrols, achieve serious inspections, complete inspections, and deal with problems in a timely manner, which reduces potential safety hazards and provides a safe environment for the port area.
4. Through the patrol system, analyze the patrol information, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve problems in the bud, and prevent problems before they occur.

Product Introduction: