Guard Tour System – Jushi Group Co., LTD

Location: Jushi Group Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. The patrol personnel work in a negative manner, and often miss, miss or even do not patrol, so the safety of the factory can not be guaranteed.
2. The general guard tour system reader can only upload the data through the data line to the management center after the patrol, and the management center cannot receive the data in the first time.
3. After leaving the factory, the traditional single version guard tour system cannot accept the patrol report.


As the core enterprise of glass fiber business of China Building Materials Co., LTD,Jushi Group Co., LTD is one of the listed companies with a large scale in China’s new material industry, mainly engaged in the production and sales of glass fiber and products. Jushi Group Co., LTD has chosen the JWM electronic guard tour patrol system to ensure the company’s security. JWM guard tour patrol system for Jushi Group Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the security of personnel.

Project Introduction

Firstly, checkpoints are installed on the routes or equipment of patrol operation areas, and the landing-cloud patrol platform sets the checkpoint ID number corresponding to the “actual patrol site name”. According to the actual patrol management requirements, the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) is set by the guard tour patrol system software. Then, the online guard tour system reader is distributed to the patrol personnel. The patrol personnel arrive at the designated patrol location with the guard tour system reader and sense the checkpoint with the guard tour system reader. The guard tour system reader will automatically record the name of the location and the arrival time, and send the patrol information to the cloud patrol platform in real time through GPRS network. Managers can view detailed patrol data of patrol personnel through computers, mobile phones and Wechat.

Solve Problems

1. It solves the problem that patrol personnel work in a negative way, often miss or even fail to patrol, and the safety of the factory cannot be guaranteed.
2. Solved the problem that different patrol devices could not upload data in real time.
3. Resolved the situation where the manager could not receive patrol reports without the work area.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5