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Location: Jixiang Modern Agricultural Economic Development Co., LTD

Project Necessity

Jixiang Modern Agricultural Economic Development Co., LTD has been relying on the traditional way of patrol management, patrol record is manual check-in, do not see any problems, but a big security patrol always appear hidden safety problems and agricultural machinery equipment damage. Due to the lack of a good management system, there is no way to assess the patrol status of the patrol, so the patrol can only rely on the consciousness of the patrol to ensure the safety of the equipment in the station.


Jixiang Modern Agricultural Economic Development Co., LTD under constant Hengrun Group Co., LTD the company adhere to the “people-oriented, technology societe generale” guiding ideology, establish leading agricultural development trend in the new period of belief, firm the confidence of the service “three rural”, use “modernization, standardization, humanization management system, adhere to the” market-oriented, in good faith as a fundamental “business ideas, to build first-class modern agriculture company. JWM guard tour patrol system for Jixiang Modern Agricultural Economic Development Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Project Introduction

Jixiang Modern Agricultural Economic Development Co., LTD uses the JWM guard tour patrol system to patrol the agricultural base management. The patrol scope includes: there is no damage to the surrounding protection net of agricultural base; observation on the growth state of crops in various plantations in the agricultural base; testing of water network and power grid facilities in agricultural bases; patrol of environmental hygiene in agricultural bases; agricultural base warehouse patrol.

Solve Problems

1. Agricultural intelligent patrol management system, through the management terminal located in the management center, completes the setting of checkpoints, patrol sections and patrol lines in the agricultural base, as well as the deployment of patrol tasks for maintenance personnel.
2. To realize the review of patrol routes of the management center in the distance, assess the work of the patrol officers, and achieve the goal of centralized management.
3. Check the line resource data of agricultural base to obtain more scientific crop patrol resource data.
4. Realize the basic information management of the patrol.
5. In addition to the real-time transmission function, the patrol handheld guard tour system reader can also collect patrol data through the computer terminals located at each pump station and upload to the management center.
6. Upload the data to the management center and form the work report of patrol records. 

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5