Guard Tour System – Jiufang Shopping Center

Location: Jiufang Shopping Center

Project Necessity

1. Shopping malls are places where people gather, and people come and go frequently and complicatedly. As a result, harmful phenomena such as destruction of public facilities often occur.
2. A large number of goods and commodities are piled up, which is also a fire-prone area. Many commodity warehouses are located in basement. The problems of leakage of various pipelines and aging of wire lines are not easy to detect. There are hidden dangers such as immersion of goods and fire. Once problems occur, it is difficult to find them in time.


Jiufang is the brand of shopping mall under the “China Aviation City”. Its overall construction is based on the unified planning of the super-high quality level of the city complex of China Aviation City. It has internationally renowned teams in architectural form, indoor environment and commercial operation. The overall project is located in the middle and high-end, which is a one-stop modern fashion life experience center integrating shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment.

Project Introduction

JWM Guard Tour System is applied to the fire safety patrol management of Jiufang shopping mall. The management center should set up checkpoints where the shopping mall can not be covered by monitoring. When setting up the patrol plan, patrol guard, patrol contents, patrol locations and patrol frequency should be determined. Each floor of the shopping mall is patrolled by floor managers and security guard. According to the plan of the shopping mall, 400 checkpoints are set up in the shopping mall and the pedestrian street outside the shopping mall. The patrol guard, with guard patrol tour reader, will patrol and check in the vicinity of the checkpoints according to the prescribed time and route. After patrolling, the data will be uploaded to the guard tour management system software of the computer of the shopping mall management center, so that the patrol guard can be recorded and assessed.

Solve Problems

1. Guarantee the unimpeded access of public areas and fire fighting corridors, timely clean up illegal and disorderly articles, and timely handle hidden dangers or problems found.
2. Flow patrol of mall abnormalities can promptly resolve the occurrence of general complaints and unexpected incidents on the spot.
3. Patrol the elevator nearby according to the time to ensure the elevator works well, and stop the customers who do not take the elevator safely.
4. The management center checks and examines the patrol routes in real time through the guard tour patrol system to assess the performance of security patrol guard. Through centralized management, it reduces the phenomenon of people leaving their posts due to laziness, and also reduces the situation of negligence and omission of patrol.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4