Guard Tour System – Jinzhou Xinglong Family

Location: Jinzhou Xinglong Family

Project Necessity

1. Shopping malls public areas, safety passages are not smooth, there are crowded channels and illegal placement of items.
2. A dispute between a customer and a clerk cannot be resolved in time.
3. Some merchant decoration sites have flammable and explosive products exposed outside, there are great safety hazards.
4. The security center did not carry out information-based management of security personnel, resulting in the lack of inspection records, some security personnel irresponsible, forged inspection records, there is a phenomenon of departure from the post.


Shopping malls are places where people gather, frequent and complex exchanges of people, so there are often harmful phenomena such as damage to public facilities. A large number of goods, goods, pipeline leakage, wire aging problem is not easy to detect, there are hidden dangers such as soaking goods, fire, once the problem is difficult to find in time. Every year, fire in all kinds of shopping malls and malls across the country causes a huge amount of property and life loss.

Project Introduction

The JWM Patrol System is applied to the safety inspection management of shopping malls. Security guards are responsible for patrolling on each floor. Each floor requires two patrol machines and a total of 280 patrol points are set up according to the plan of the shopping mall. Security guards hold patrol machines. Patrols all patrol points according to the specified time and route. By scanning each point, you can record the time and personnel of each place. After the patrol, the data is uploaded to the patrol management system software of the mall security center computer, so that the work of the security personnel can be recorded and evaluated.

Solve Problems

1. To ensure the smooth flow of all public areas and fire channels, when found hidden dangers or problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.
2. The abnormal situation of the market flow inspection, in time, to resolve the scene of general complaints and emergency incidents.
3. To decorate the site for the construction of inflammable materials, temporary electrical wire to effectively monitor to ensure the safety of the site and personnel.
4. The security center on the real-time inspection of the security personnel inspection route, assessment of the work of security personnel, reduce the phenomenon of personnel leaving due to laziness, but also reduce the oversight of patrolling.

Product Introduction