Guard Tour System-Jinjiang Inn

Location: Jinjiang Inn

Project Necessity

To the peak season of tourism, the hotel is full of people, the quality of tourists is not the same, many facilities are damaged seriously, causing a lot of safety hazards, to the hotel and guests brought a lot of losses. How to better serve the guests, at the same time to protect the safety of hotel guests and facilities, has become the most urgent problem for hotel management to solve.


Jinjiang Inn introduces the JWM guard tour system to better protect the safety of hotel guests and facilities. Through the software set up the patrol plan, the security guard in charge of patrol handheld guard patrol equipment, according to the specified time to the designated location after scanning checkpoint, patrol equipment will automatically record information, so that the work can be recorded and assessment management, through the 24-hour patrol to ensure the safe operation of Jinjiang Inn.

Project Introduction

Jinjiang Inn the total number of hotels has exceeded 1,300, including 4 overseas, and the rest are distributed in about 340 cities in China. In recent years, Jinjiang star has become the first domestic budget hotel brand to go overseas.

Solve Problems

1. According to the plan, and check whether there are any abnormal conditions in other facilities such as fire passageways and elevators.
2. In case of emergency, I can get in touch with the management guards quickly mobilize personnel to deal with it.
3. Strict patrol plan can make the service personnel and management personnel’s on-duty mental state significantly better, and improve the service personnel’s active and enthusiastic service attitude.
4. The JWM patrol management system makes the patrol records available, prevents security guards from missing patrol, enhances security awareness and realizes scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8