Guard Tour System - Jingdezhen Coking Industry Group

Location: Jingdezhen Coking Industry Group

Project Necessity

Safety is the top priority in the chemical industry, and the daily patrol of the staff is an essential part of the work. However, how to do this work, how to form scientific and effective management, how to correct the lazy work of the staff, and through the daily patrol to find some equipment operation problems. 


The patrol work is arranged by the management staff to be responsible, in case of emergency can be dealt with in time. According to the set patrol point and route, security guards will patrol according to the requirements with the patrol device, and report the on-site problems to the relevant departments, and record the important matters in the staff handover content.

Project Introduction

It is a coal chemical industry mainly related to the diversified development of the industry, the production of many products at the forefront of the provincial counterparts, its comprehensive utilization of resources in the national independent coking enterprises ranked first. At the same time has 200 thousand tons of coal tar refining production lines, the production of light oil, asphalt, is the only Jiangxi province into the “100 billion” ranks of the municipal state-owned enterprises.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The application of the JWM patrol management system has solved the problem that security guards do not patrol and problems cannot be solved in time. 
  • 2. Replace the traditional check-in form, adopt a more scientific, effective and intuitive way to conduct unified management of security guards and form documents. 
  • 3. Added patrol management software, enabling the leader to check the current patrol status anytime and anywhere. 
  • 4. Urge the staff to patrol on time to ensure the normal operation of the production line and eliminate safety risks. 

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8