Guard Tour System - Jilin Shuangliao People's Court

Location:Jilin Shuangliao People’s Court


Project Necessity:

1. The sign-in tool is easily damaged and needs to be replaced regularly, the cost is high and the operation process is complicated.
2. Excessive reliance on the sense of responsibility of patrol personnel, the execution of work is arbitrary, it is difficult to monitor and performance evaluation, and it is easy to fake.
3. In case of emergency, the notification cannot be issued immediately, which may cause safety hazards and lead to accidents.


The People’s Court of Shuangliao City, Jilin Province, in order to effectively strengthen the safety and security work of the court, standardize internal management, maintain the normal working order and living order of the agency, prevent and stop the occurrence of various unsafe accidents, and ensure the safety of the office and living areas. The People’s Court of Shuangliao City specially introduced JWM cloud guard tour patrol management system.


Project Introduction:

“Code Cloud” cloud guard tour patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data technology as the core, relying on the Internet as a basic platform guard tour patrol management system. According to the characteristics of the court floor, checkpoints should be installed at locations that need to be patrolled, hidden safety hazards, and surveillance blind spots. Patrol personnel hold guard tour system reader to the checkpoint to collect information, and the system will automatically record the exact time and place name of the location where the patrol personnel go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, patrol information is sent to the cloud platform in real time. In addition to using the computer, the administrator can also view the patrol information of patrol personnel anytime and anywhere through mobile APP such as mobile phones, tablets, or WeChat push.

Solve Problems:

1. The management department can perform the same analysis and sorting of the data in order to adjust the patrol plan in time and conduct the work evaluation of the patrol personnel.
2. Ensure that there are people patrolling within the court for 24 hours to avoid the phenomenon of missing patrols due to slack at night.
3. Patrol personnel patrol key locations as planned, do a good job of opening and locking doors on time when commuting to and from work, carefully patrol the office building after get off work, and strictly handover shifts.
4. The Knight 3 real-time guard tour patrol system reader comes with a one-key alarm function, which is closely linked with the management department, and promptly informs the management department in case of an emergency to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

Product Introduction: