Guard Tour System-Jilin Normal University

Location: Jilin Normal University

Project Necessity

The adoption of the JWM patrol system is an important measure to strengthen the safety and stability of the school. It is also an effective way to strengthen the staff’s “self-management, self-education, self-prevention, and self-service”. School security department through the use of guard tour system for security management and supervision, as well as the security guards of the thought and business training, so that it really becomes a good helper to create a safe, civilized, harmonious campus.


Jilin Normal University campus layout reasonable, beautiful campus environment, all kinds of functions of the classroom, fully embodies the characteristics of modernization and intelligence. The security department of the school is responsible for daily safety protection and fire control patrol within the campus. The JWM patrol management system is mainly used for fire control patrol within the campus. The security center installs patrol points in the places where there are security risks on the campus. The security guards arrive at the patrol site on time and carry out patrols according to their positions, to prevent safety accidents, ensure personal and property safety, ensure students’ safety and health during the school period, and further strengthen the work of campus security, stability and civilization construction.

Project Introduction

1. Develop security guards, time and patrol plan, conduct a quantitative assessment on the work of security guards and avoid people leaving their posts.
2. The security guards can ensure regular patrols in the school park and every monitoring corner through the JWM guard tour system, which can reduce the security accidents caused by hidden security risks.
3. Ensuring the quality of patrol can timely understand and find problems, resolve and deal with various contradictions as soon as possible, and avoid the expansion and intensification of the situation.
4. Analyze and process patrol information through background software, provide useful information for security work, develop corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud and nip them in the bud.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Formulated patrol personnel, time, task and patrol plan, conducted quantitative assessment on the work of patrol personnel, and avoided the loss of staff.
  • 2. The guard tour system software has the function of customized patrol plan, and makes the patrol plan perfectly according to the characteristics of the community to improve the efficiency of patrol and management efficiency.
  • 3. Through the background software analysis and processing of patrol information, useful information can be provided for the management staff, corresponding strategies can be formulated, and problems can be solved in the bud and nip in the bud.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System