Guard Tour System – Jiangsu Yanghe Winery

Location: Jiangsu Yanghe Winery

China is a large country of alcohol production and consumption, with a long history of wine making and a long history of wine culture. The alcohol industry has a wide and far-reaching impact on the economy, society and people’s life, and occupies an extremely important position in the food industry. Baidistillery is a typical fire high-risk unit of category a and b, which has the characteristics of high fire risk, great fire fighting difficulty and high casualties caused by fire. Only to the winery fire hazard, take targeted preventive measures to ensure its safety production.

Project Necessity

  • 1. Security management is the most important part of property management for residential, non-residential and public properties.
  • 2. If the checkpoint is set too low, it is easy to be destroyed when the children in the community play.
  • 3. The paper version of the tour more check-in and record information to save the inconvenience, easy to cheat, and cost time.
  • 4. Security guards tend to have blind spots when they patrol the neighborhood at night.


Fire hazard is the first major hazard of Yanghe distillery. In order to manage the safety of key parts such as wine storage, raw wine workshop , and office building, Yanghe distillery introduced the JWM patrol system. Through the setting of patrol software, uniform report processing can be carried out on the records of security guards, patrol time, patrol necessary places and security problems encountered so that the patrol information is clear at a glance. Not only to achieve scientific management but also to reduce safety risks, prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Project Introduction

Sue wine group always covers an area of about 10 square kilometers, the total assets of 36.07 billion yuan, has a staff of nearly 30000 people, has Yanghe, Shuanggou, Siyang three wine production base and Sue wine group trade Co., LTD is the only Chinese liquor industry has the Yanghe, Shuanggou “China famous”, and two of the “China time-honored brand” enterprise.

Solve Problems

  1. Solved the working state of security guards neglecting their duties, supervised security guards on time through high-tech means, put an end to missing patrol and wrong patrol.
  2. Patrol can check whether the fire fighting facilities are expired, whether there is a clear no fireworks sign, prevent the open fire in the factory, check the safety of the electrical circuit in the factory, etc.
  3. Unauthorized external patrol can be found through electronic patrol system, and strictly control the personnel entering the production workshop in case of fire fighting or releasing unsafe articles.
  4. Unified management of patrol data through background software to eliminate data fraud and provide scientific and accurate patrol information and inquiry basis for managers.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S