Guard Tour System - Jiangsu Normal University

Location: Jiangsu Normal University

Project Necessity

University is the cradle of training talents, but also a part of the society, it is all the time with a variety of social contacts. Because the campus area is large, the student is numerous, the environment around the campus is complex and so on the characteristic, also can exist in the university life a series of safety hidden trouble, so we should give to the campus safety more attention, to the patrol system request also is particularly strict.


The security department of Jiangsu normal university is responsible for daily safety and protection on campus, preventing accidents, ensuring personal and property safety, and ensuring students’ safety and healthy during their stay at school. In order to further strengthen the security, stability and civilization construction of the college, Jiangsu normal university has introduced the real-time patrol management system. This system is used for the fire patrol on the campus. The security manager sets the patrol point in the main entrance and fire control passageway where there are hidden safety hazards, and manages and supervises the staff from the management system.

Project Introduction

It is mainly used for campus patrol to prevent accidents, guarantee personal and property safety, and ensure students’ safety and healthy during the school period. Moreover, it further strengthens campus security and stability and civilization construction. It adopts scientific and high-tech patrol products — JWM- patrol device to conduct all-directional patrol 24 hours a day.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Develop patrol personnel, time and plan, and conduct a quantitative assessment on the work of security guards.
  • 2. Security guards can guarantee regular and regular patrols in the school and other monitoring blind corners through the JWM guard tour system, reducing the security accidents caused by hidden dangers.
  • 3. The JWM patrol system ensures that patrol quality can timely find and solve problems.
  • 4. Analyze and process patrol information through security management software, provide useful information for security work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000ES