Guard Tour System-Jiangsu Jurong Chemical Co., Ltd

Location: Jiangsu Jurong Chemical Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

Chemical enterprises in the production process, because a large number of products have flammable, explosive, corrosion or toxic characteristics, and the production process is complex, with great risk, so the safety of production requirements are high. A fine chemical enterprise should not make any mistakes in the production process. A small fault may lead to a large accident, which may affect not only the enterprise itself but also the surrounding environmental pollution.


The JWM guard tour system standardizes the patrol management process of the factory and strengthens the supervision of the patrol work by installing fixed patrol points. Through JWM patrol management software, implementation of the security guards supervision and management, guarantee the chemical factory safety hazard to comprehensive detection and prevention, can grasp the running status of equipment in time to find and eliminate abnormal production equipment, can effectively prevent the happening of the accident, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. 

Project Introduction

Jiangsu Jurong Chemical Co., Ltd., located in the Zhangjiagang chemical industry center of Yan Cheng city, a chemical base in northern Jiangsu province that has obtained the “green card” permit, has been listed in Singapore on February 5, 2007, becoming one of the largest listed companies in Singapore. 

Solve Problems

1. Set up patrol tasks through the JWM management software system, conduct safety patrol on the factory as required, and realize scientific electronic management. 

2. Improve the quality of patrol and the patrol of equipment, so as to ensure that the patrol is serious and the patrol is in place, and problems are found and dealt with timely, thus creating a good operating environment for the equipment and reducing potential safety risks. 

3. Through the patrol system, the patrol information is analyzed to provide useful information for the patrol work, so as to solve the problem in the bud and nip it in the bud. 

Product Introduction

Long Range Multifunctional Security RFID Management System WM-5000V8