Guard Tour System – Jiangsu Daji Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Location: Jiangsu Daji Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Project Necessity:

1. Due to the extremely hot area of garbage incineration, mobile phones, cameras and other digital products cannot be brought into the high temperature area. There is no way to take pictures or voice contact with the outside world and restore the scene in case of patrol problems.
2. The topography of the plant area for incineration and power generation is complex, and there are many locations for key patrols. Patrol officers often miss the patrol and so on.
3. The patrol officers of the incineration power generation day patrol tasks are very heavy, the handwritten patrol records will consume a long time, and the expression is not accurate enough.


Jiangsu Daji Power Generation Co., Ltd. is the only domestic waste incineration power generation enterprise in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. In order to further ensure the safety of the power plant, strengthen the power plant patrol management system, and improve the scientific and technological means, Jiangsu Daji Power Generation Co., Ltd decided adopt the JWM GPS intelligent guard tour patrol system for its safety and escort.

Project Introduction:

The manager installs checkpoints according to the topography, route, and patrol locations of the plant area, reads the PH6 guard tour system patrol reader and the installed checkpoints. The locations where the checkpoints cannot be installed collect the coordinate points by GPS coordinate positioning, and then mark the location of each point. Name, at the same time enter the patrol information and patrol time in the management center. The GPS management center will automatically draw patrol plans and patrol tracks. When the patrol man patrols, he can hold the guard tour system reader to reach various points or coordinate sensing according to the patrol plan and patrol trajectory. In case of unsolvable problems, you can send an alarm function to the management center, and record the situation by taking pictures, voice and other functions. The patrol data will be uploaded, and the management center will automatically organize the patrol data and draw it into a table for the administrator to view. The patrol record is more accurate, and the patrol situation is clear.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that incineration power plants cannot carry guard tour system reader under high temperature.
2. Solve the negligence of the patrol personnel, missed patrol situation, leading to the occurrence of hidden dangers.
3. Solve the situation that patrol personnel still need to spend a lot of time to record the patrol report after the patrol ends, and the spreadsheet is more environmentally friendly and saves.
4. Solved the problem that the patrol personnel encountered problems and there was no way to send an alarm in the first place.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6