Guard Tour System-Jianghuai Grand Theater

Location: Jianghuai Grand Theater

Project Necessity

As a public entertainment place in society, the theater provides entertainment and leisure services for people. In recent years, new theaters have been developing rapidly, while some old theaters have been revamping and expanding. However, in the process of construction and operation, theaters tend to neglect the prevention and management of safety, causing a lot of security risks, leading to various accidents, endangering the safety of people’s lives and property. Therefore, strengthening safety management is the key link of theater development.


In order to ensure the security guards to conduct a 24-hour patrol of the theater, the security department of Jianghuai grand theater introduced the JWM patrol management system, and installed patrol points on fire passageways and elevator entrances that need to focus on the patrol of hidden safety risks and monitoring blind areas, and conducted security patrol. Through the background software to set up the patrol plan, the security guards in charge of the patrol will hold the patrol machine and scan the patrol point after arriving at the designated location at the specified time. The patrol machine will automatically record the name of the location and arrival time. Due to the frequent activity arrangement, the patrol plan will rotate the fixed personnel on duty for the theater to ensure the security of the theater and the normal holding of the activity.

Project Introduction

With the passage of time, due to the age of disrepair, safety hazards and other reasons, by the relevant departments identified as dangerous buildings jianghuai theater was forced to close down. In the later stage, internal maintenance was carried out. After the renovation, the original architectural style was maintained while modern and fashionable elements were integrated into it. Like many performance squares, it assumed the function of nightlife consumption. With the increase of audience, the increase of performance tasks and the increase of equipment for producing stage effects, the security risks also increase. In order to strengthen the safety management and ensure the safety of the main building, the audience and the staff of the theater, the JWM patrol management system was introduced to reduce the security risks by regulating the work of the security staff.

Solve Problems

1. The management personnel shall conduct systematic management through the backstage tour, and set up patrol plans for corridors, safe passage and stage equipment and settle patrol points according to actual needs.
2. Realize unified management of security guards, replace traditional manual check-in, and avoid time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting.
3. Carried out a quantitative assessment on the work of the security guard, enhanced the security guards’ consciousness of security responsibility, and prevented anyone from leaving the post.
4. The patrol information can be sent in real-time, and the management personnel can know the patrol situation of the security guards in real-time.
5. In case of an emergency during the patrol, you can give a one-key alarm and inform the management center to give timely feedback on handling opinions to minimize the impact of the situation.

Product Introduction