In the past, “property” is still only the “exclusive” of buildings and modern residential areas, now, the alleys in old Beijing have property this “housekeeper”, the alleys environment, parking, tourism management and many other “old problems” have been improved. A few days ago, the public walked into the alley property management of Dongcheng district alley, experienced this old alley now modern garbage classification, electronic patrol.

The garbage classification, treatment, and transportation in alley used to be a difficult problem. The person in charge of the property service center explained the “journey” of “garbage” thrown out by residents in the alley under the property management mode for the visiting citizens on site. Every day, the dedicated garbage sorter unpacked and sorted the garbage put out by residents twice, classified it according to the classification of garbage, collected it and disposed of it respectively. The separated kitchen waste will be transported to the designated point to wait for the collection and transportation unit to carry out centralized cleaning and transportation. After the weighing confirmation of the collection and transportation unit, the daily weighing confirmation will be fed back to the property management office for recording and archiving. The property management will summarize the data every week and report it to the street office.

Alley bungalow district property service area is large, events miscellaneous, trivia, “electronic patrol” is also a property management “secret book”. The patrol system is composed of patrol personnel and intelligent management and control platform. Patrol and security personnel take a special patrol machine to patrol each patrol point according to the patrol plan released in the background, scan the QR code of patrol point, and take photos of the scene of the point and report to the background. Background management personnel are responsible for daily operation and maintenance, release patrol plans, check patrol situation and timely solve and deal with problems reported by security guards.