Guard Tour System in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Location: Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Application Equipment: WM-5000V5
Equipment Quantity: 200 sets
Use Company: Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Project Name: WM-5000V5 Guard Tour System


In the mall, there have a lot of people each day. And there also have a lot of equipment in the mall. Therefore, patrolling is an important thing. Guards patrol on time is necessary. JWM Guard Tour System ensure guards patrol on time.

Application Solution

First, install the checkpoints on the equipment and routes. Second, set the patrol plan in the software. Third, guards use a guard tour system to patrol. Fourth, after patrolling, the patrol data can be communicated by the USB.
1. There have 10 groups. Each group has 12 guards.
2. 4 groups patrol one by one.
3. Once patrol time is one hour. And they will contact the manager on time when finding security problems.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System strengthens the management for guards and put forward the scientific data.
2. JWM improve the security for all square.
3. JWM Guard Tour System make the mall working normally and decrease the loss.

Project Introduction

Established in 1986, Tunjungan Plaza has been the best and the biggest landmark in the center of Surabaya for more than 30 years. Strive to accommodate modern and dynamic lifestyle, Tunjungan Plaza committed to promoting one-stop shopping as an integrated business in one place. Tunjungan Plaza is the first modern shopping center and superblock in Surabaya developed by PT Pakuwon Jati, Tbk. Tunjungan Plaza 5 has opened since September 2015, and Tunjungan Plaza 6 is being built and expected to be operational in 2017.