Guard Tour System in Sanlitun SOHO

Application Model: WM-5000V8
Quantity: 500 sets
Use Company: Sanlitun SOHO
Project Name: WM-5000V8 Guard Tour System


For Sanlitun SOHO, the most fascinating is that it combines the city’s dynamic with quiet environment. Sanlitun SOHO consists of 5 shopping centers, 9 office buildings, and apartment buildings, garden square and skating. The 46 million square meters of the building looks like a condensed city. Of course, some people gathered in the place, there is a security risk. In order to keep the security of this “concentrated city”, we take a look at the unique charm of Sanlitun SOHO is how to lead the security.

Application Solution

1. Guards need to patrol the street display and the commercial area.
2. The management center set a patrol plan through the software. Guards need to read checkpoints by the device during patrolling.
3. Manager accesses guards by the patrol data.

Solve Problems

1. Guard tour system ensures that the smooth of public areas and the passage of fire.
2. During patrolling, guards pay more attention to air-conditioning heating systems, power supply systems, fire alarm systems, and fire systems. In this way, it reduces security risks.
3. Through electronic centralized management, it not only accesses the guards but also reduce the phenomenon of lazy or staff off.

Project Introduction

Sanlitun SOHO has 2.1245 million square meters. SOHO China advocated the urban lifestyle and SOHO cultural concept has become a strong trend. Sanlitun SOHO plays a decisive role to enhance the Sanlitun business and consumer flow.