Guard Tour System in City Mart

Application Equipment: WM-5000E
Equipment Quantity: 300 sets
Use Company: City Mart
Project Name: WM-5000E Guard Tour System


At city mark, it offers a wide range of international and premium products to better serve our customers growing lifestyle needs. It aims to be recognized as “the fresh food people” eventually in the urban community. Currently, city mart operates 19 City Mart supermarket outlets and we’re set to expand further as our customer demands grow.

Application Situation

First, install the checkpoints on the equipment and routes. Second, set the patrol plan in the software. Third, guards use a guard tour system to patrol. Fourth, after patrolling, the patrol data can be communicated by the station.
1. Guard patrol as the schedule. The checkpoints install on the door, warehouse floors and toilets.
2. During the patrol, once the guard finds problems, he will contact the manager right now.
3. Cleaners use the reader to read checkpoints after cleaning.

Solve Problems

1. For management center, it is easy to check the patrol results.
2. Guard tour system avoid security problems.
3. Guard tour system protect mart and people’s security.

Project Introduction

Established in 1996, City Mart supermarket has firmly established itself urban households who appreciate quality food and lifestyle. In 2011, we opened Marketplace by City Mart, our flagship store at our Golden Valley shopping center.
City Mart Supermarket is determined to be the market leader in food retailing. We are committed to delivering quality, freshness, innovative food ideas, value for money, a comprehensive product range, superior customer services and a pleasant shopping environment for all our customers.