Guard Tour System - Hunan Public Security System

Location:Hunan Public Security System


Project Necessity:

1. Whether the patrol is patrolling in accordance with the requirements cannot be assessed, and the patrol cannot be truly managed. 

2. The city’s patrol area is too large to solve unexpected situations and cannot be reported in time. 

3. The inspection data is huge, and it is difficult to organize and evaluate.


The development of society requires stability as a guarantee, and the first priority of public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment. In order to maintain social stability, the Hunan Public Security Bureau introduced the JWM Intelligent Patrol Management System to manage patrols and social security, effectively strengthening the handling and response to social emergencies, and providing strong protection for social peace.


Project Introduction:

Field security police and community police in various police stations carry GPS guard tour system reader when they go out. Depending on the location, social conditions, population and other factors, they regularly publicize the legal system, visit the masses, prevent and stop illegal and criminal activities; manage special industries , Maintain public order, prevent public security disasters, etc. The GPS guard tour system reader uploads the action trajectory of the field police to the management platform of the police station in real time. In case of an emergency, the location of the incident can be reported to the police station in time through the guard tour system reader. The police station can also mobilize the field service according to the work dynamic information of the field police. The police, while doing a good job with the masses, ensure that the masses’ safety precautions are carried out efficiently.

Solve Problems:

1. Strengthen the internal quantitative assessment of the police station, and use advanced technology to assess the workload of the field police.

2. The police station can keep abreast of the work dynamics and action trajectories of the outgoing police officers. 

3. In case of emergencies, the outgoing police can send alarm information to the police station in time through the GPS guard tour patrol system reader.Promote the construction of a social security prevention and control system and strive to create a safe city. 

Product Introduction: