Guard Tour System - Hubei Mobile GPS Optical Cable Patrol Project

Location:Hubei Mobile GPS Optical Cable Patrol Project


Project Necessity:

1. After heavy rains and other special circumstances, the patrolmen are out of their posts and fail to conduct patrols in accordance with regulations, resulting in potential safety hazards. When necessary, the lack of people stationed in the main line section can not ensure the safety of the optical cable line. 

2. In case of emergencies that endanger the safe operation of optical cable lines and their auxiliary facilities, repair personnel cannot quickly and accurately reach the scene. 

3. Patrolmen are too scattered, difficult to manage, and difficult to assess personnel. 

4. Past patrol records are missing and cannot provide correct and reliable data support for the formulation of future patrol plans.


Hubei Mobile’s GPS optical cable patrol project in Wuhan, Huanggang, and Ezhou uses the JWM GPS intelligent patrol management system, which provides a powerful management method for maintenance and management personnel. By recording and quantifying the work of the line inspector, the effective and scientific management of the line inspector is realized, and the phenomenon that cannot be scientifically and accurately assessed and monitored is eliminated, and the effective implementation of the optical cable line tour plan is ensured to ensure the safety of the line run. 


Project Introduction:

For the transmission optical cable of more than 400 kilometers, the patrol personnel shall patrol the above-mentioned transmission lines according to the division of labor and be responsible for the corresponding patrol section. Different patrol plans can be made for different patrol sections, for example, twice a week. Patrolmen need to complete the patrol within the specified time period and reach the designated patrol sections and patrol points through step patrols or car patrols.

Solve Problems:

1. Through the management terminal of the control center, set up checkpoints, patrol sections and patrol lines in various sections along the optical cable, and deploy the patrol tasks of various maintenance companies. 

2. Realize the real-time monitoring of the patrolmen of the agency maintenance unit and achieve the purpose of centralized management. 

3. Check the optical cable line resource data to obtain more scientific patrol resource data. 

4. It can summarize patrol data, conduct patrol situation assessment, and provide various transmission line patrol work reports.

Product Introduction: