Guard Tour System – Huayi Brothers Universal Cinema

Location: Huayi Brothers Universal Cinema

Project Necessity

1. The complex structure of the cinema environment and the lack of light affect the check of the equipment and surrounding environment during the patrol.
2. The security exits, screening rooms, fire hydrants and many other locations in the cinema need to be checked. There is no guarantee of patrol arrival rate.
3. The security guards on duty at the cinema check different locations several times a day, and paper patrol forms are cumbersome and hard to keep.


Huayi Brothers is the first private media enterprise to be listed in China, which officially entered the film industry. Subsequently, Huayi Brothers fully invested in the media field, and its investment and operation fields involved film, TV series, artist management, record, entertainment marketing, and fashion industry, and achieved remarkable achievements in these fields. The safety of Huayi Brothers universal cinema also needs to be taken seriously. JWM guard tour patrol system for Huayi Brothers Universal Cinema to provide a strong security support, to ensure the security of personnel.

Project Introduction

In order to make the on-duty patrol of Huayi Brothers Universal Cinema more effective and standardized, and reduce the security risks of the cinema, Huayi Brothers Universal Cinema chose the JWM electronic patrol system. The JWM electronic patrol system leads the cinema staff to the goal of minimizing security risks in public places like cinemas. The guard tour patrol system reader has flashlight lighting and compass function, ensuring that the patrol personnel can better complete the patrol in the complex environment such as the cinema. The person in charge of the cinema will install checkpoints in all the key locations that need to patrol, and input the location, patrol time and patrol personnel into the intelligent management system at the same time to make patrol plans. Patrol personnel only need to patrol according to the patrol plan can, encounter hidden trouble timely treatment.

Solve Problems

1. It solves the problems of poor vision and complex structure in the cinema, and makes it more convenient for more people to patrol.
2. It solves the problem that the cinema needs more locations to patrol, more complex (environment) and lower efficiency. It makes the watchman patrol more efficiently according to the patrol plan.
3. It solves the problem that paper patrol records are not easy to keep, and the electronic patrol records are more accurate, clearer and more authentic.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S