Guard Tour System – Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant

Location: Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant

Project Necessity:

1. The manager can not know whether the patrol personnel patrol on time, whether there is any missing patrol, wrong patrol, or even no patrol, and the safety in the venue cannot be guaranteed.
2. Because the boilers, steam turbines, generators and other equipment of the power plant need to work for a long time, when the equipment is abnormal, it cannot be found in time, resulting in equipment damage or greater safety risks.
3. Since some of the thermal power plants need to be patrolled in places with high temperature and dust, ordinary guard tour patrolsystem readercannot work normally, which is easy to damage and increase unnecessary repair costs.


Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant is the first large-scale enterprise invested by China Huaneng Group in Jiangxi and mainly produces coal-fired power. In order to further ensure the safety of the power plant, strengthen the power plant patrol management system, and improve the scientific and technological means, Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant decided in August 2018 to adopt the JWM GPS intelligent guard tour patrol system for its safety and escort.

Project Introduction:

First, install a patrol point on the route or equipment of the patrol work area of the power plant. Correspond to the ID number of the checkpoint through the guard tour management system software and set it to “the name of the actual installation site”. Combined with the actual patrol management requirements, the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) is set through the system software; then the inductive Dr. J guard tour system reader is distributed to the power plant patrol personnel, and the patrol personnel hold the guard tour patrol system reader to the designated checkpoint and use the patrol The detector senses the checkpoint and will automatically record the name of the place and the time it arrives. After the patrol is completed, the patrol data in the mobile phone will be uploaded to the management center through the USB data cable and 3G/4G. The patrol report is counted in days, months, and years, providing managers with a scientific and effective assessment basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the manager cannot know whether the patrol personnel are patrolling according to the requirements, whether they are missing or not patrolling.
2. Solved the hidden dangers caused by the power plant equipment that could not be discovered in time.
3. Solved the situation that the traditional guard tour system reader can not adapt to the working environment such as high temperature and cause damage.
4. The system can guarantee long-term safe operation. The hardware, software and information resources in the system should meet the reliability design requirements.
5. The system has the necessary security protection and confidentiality measures, has a strong ability to prevent computer crimes and viruses, supports multi-user hierarchical management requirements, and has an automatic data backup function.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6