Guard Tour System – Huaibei Wugou Coal Mine

Location: Huaibei Wugou Coal Mine

Project Necessity:

1. The mine environment is dirty and messy. Over time, the inspectors get bored easily and become careless about the inspections.
2. Under the mine inspection, the brightness is dark, easy to appear the situation of missing patrol, wrong patrol.
3. It is not only troublesome, but also not easy to keep. It is easy to get dirty and cannot see the font clearly.


Wugou Coal Mine is located in Huaibei City’s Suixi County, with a mining area of 15KM and a suixi reserve of 40 million tons. The suiou coal mine is a clean and environmentally friendly coal encouraged by the state. In order to effectively eliminate mine safety hidden dangers, timely find, plug loopholes and reduce unsafe factors. In order to fully implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first”, Wugou Coal Mine decided to further strengthen safety management by using JWM mobile phone patrol APP system, so as to make safety patrol scientific, institutionalized and standardized, give full play to its on-site supervision and patrol role and improve safety level.

Project Introduction:

First need to customize the most suitable for the company according to the company guard tour system APP, then patrol according to the need to focus on the location of the installation QR checkpoints or GPS coordinates by way of management center of the input, and inputting patrol personnel and need time to patrol, patrol APP will automatically drawn into a patrol plan, patrol path map. Patrol officers only need to patrol according to the patrol plan or electronic map. The guard tour patrol APP will draw patrol records based on the patrol information automatically uploaded during the patrol for managers to view. The patrol records are accurate and clear.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that thepatrolwork negatively and the managers are unable to know the inspection situation and there are hidden dangers.
2. Solved the situation that patrolare prone to missing or wrong patrol in the mine.
3. It solves the problem that the traditional hand-writtenpatrolmethod is difficult to save.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol