Guard Tour System - Hohhot Railway Station

Location:Hohhot Railway Station


Project Necessity:

1. It is impossible to supervise the patrol personnel, and it is impossible to know whether he went to patrol. 

2. In case of emergencies, the management center cannot be notified in time. 

3. The patrol data cannot be summarized, and data query and analysis cannot be facilitated.


The management department separately formulated the train station cloud patrol plan for the security section and the equipment section. The security section patrolled the elevators in the entire train station and the public security situation in the waiting room. In case of conflicts with passengers, timely adjustments, suspicious personnel patrolled in time, and the equipment section patrolled the entire train station. The working status of the fire-fighting equipment, fire hydrant operation, maintenance, and overhaul ensures that the fire-fighting facilities are intact, easy to access, and the equipment operates normally without any safety hazards.

Project Introduction:

Cloud guard tour patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data technology as the core, relying on the Internet as a basic platform patrol management system. According to the characteristics of the railway station, checkpoints should be installed for the locations that need to be patrolled, hidden dangers and blind spots for surveillance. Patrol personnel hold guard tour patrol system reader to the checkpoint to collect information, and the system will automatically record the exact time and place name of the location where the patrol personnel go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, patrol information is sent to the cloud platform in real time. In addition to using a computer, the administrator can also view the patrol information of patrol personnel anytime and anywhere through mobile apps such as mobile phones and tablets or WeChat push.

Solve Problems:

1. The guard tour patrol system reader can record patrol information of patrol personnel and return to the management center in real time via WiFi or 4G network. 

2. The management department formulates a suitable patrol plan, and the equipment section and security section patrol the area under its jurisdiction according to the corresponding plan to ensure the normal operation of the station. 

3. The train station cloud patrol realizes the data management of the railway patrol, controls the patrol situation of the entire train depot, and facilitates the next patrol arrangement. 

Product Introduction:

Model:Cloud Guard Tour System