Guard Tour System-Hohhot Public Transportation Corporation

Location:Hohhot Public Transportation Corporation


Project Necessity:

1. During the period of high traffic frequency in the station, the bus in the station is not smooth to leave the station, often due to the random parking of the vehicles, which leads to the departure of the station. 

2. A large number of fire-fighting facilities are installed everywhere in the station. Due to the large number, patrol personnel often forget to check, resulting in a large number of fire-fighting facilities expired or damaged. 

3. At each bus stop, it is necessary to check the parking place and stop sign of the vehicle. The installation checkpoint is easy to be damaged by humans, which increases the cost.


Hohhot Bus is the public transportation system in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is operated by the Hohhot Public Transportation Corporation. In order to solve the overwhelming situation of urban traffic and provide people with a comfortable and orderly public transportation environment, Hohhot Bus Group has introduced JWM vehicle guard tour management system to improve safety management and solve management problems.


Project Introduction:

The person in charge formulates patrol routes and installs checkpoints according to the company’s daily patrol mode or key patrol locations. Then use the P5+ guard tour system reader to read or collect GPS coordinate points with each checkpoints, and at the same time send the information to the GPS guard tour patrol system, note the location name of each checkpoints and coordinate point, set the patrol time, period and patrol personnel information. GPS guard patrol system will automatically formulate all information into patrol plan and patrol track. When patrolling, patrol personnel need to hold the patrol device to read cards or collect coordinates in various locations on time. After reading the card, upload the data to the GPS guard patrol system. After the patrol, the GPS guard tour patrol system will draw all the information into a patrol report for the person in charge to view. The patrol report will accurately and clearly show the time for the patrol personnel to arrive at each location, and the patrol record is accurate and cannot be cheated.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that vehicles did not depart on time due to factors such as road duce during the high frequency period of bus departure. 

2. The fire-fighting facilities in the station have not been inspected for a long time, which causes the equipment to expire and become unusable, resulting in safety hazards. 

3. Solved the situation that the installation of patrol points at various bus stations was destroyed by human beings, which caused waste of resources and failed to patrol smoothly.

Product Introduction: