Guard Tour System – Heilongjiang Mobile Communications Corporation Suihua Branch

Location: Heilongjiang Mobile Communications Corporation Suihua Branch

Project Necessity

1. According to statistics, communication failures caused by external forces account for more than 85% of the total communication failures. It can be seen that how to reduce the communication failure caused by external forces has become the key to reducing communication failures.
2. From the perspective of accident analysis, most of the hidden dangers of communication lines and facilities have a process, which can be dealt with by timely detection, so as to effectively prevent or minimize losses.
3. The traditional patrol management system relies mainly on the consciousness of the lineman, combined with occasional on-site sampling and flopping. However, due to the long and complicated communication lines, the numerous facilities, and the patrol staff, the management of the patrol line is still unsatisfactory.


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Project Introduction

The JWM GPS intelligent guard tour management system provides a powerful management tool for maintenance managers. Taking Suihua as the center, the patrol sections are divided into units according to the counties, and the patrol method of the trajectory plus the point-to-point is adopted. The patrols of the counties are responsible for the corresponding patrol sections, and the above transmission lines are inspected. The patrol person shall arrive at the designated patrol section and each checkpoint within the specified time period to complete the patrol. Daily optical cable line patrols are distributed on a per-km basis, ranging from 40-50 km per person, and 1-2 patrols per week.

Solve Problems

1. Using the professional guard tour system, set up the patrol section and the necessary point of each district and county along the secondary trunk cable in the control center of Suihua.
2. The accurate positioning of the GPS, in addition to enabling the lineman to complete the line patrol work of quality and quantity, can also find and report problems in the line in time.
3. Realize the real-time monitoring of the patrol persons of the district and county units by the management center, and assess the work of the patrol persons to achieve the purpose of centralized management.
4. The patrol track and patrol data of each line patrolman in recent months can be played back at any time, providing track playback and data query, which provides a basis for the next patrol plan.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+