Guard Tour System - Hefei Bus Station

Location:Hefei Bus Station


Project Necessity:

1. The station occupies a large area and the structure is complex. Missing and wrong patrols often occur, and the safety of the station cannot be guaranteed. 
2. Ordinary guard tour patrol system reader can upload the data to the management center through the data line after the patrol is over, and the management center cannot receive it in the first time. 
3. The flow of people in the station is large and the situation is complicated. When the patrol personnel encounters an emergency, they cannot provide timely feedback to the management center.


As the leading large-scale bus station in China, Hefei Bus Station has always been proud of its large area, frequent departures, and large daily flow of people. At the same time, behind these data, there are also huge security risks. In order to ensure the safety of each passenger’s itinerary, Hefei Bus Station has equipped the company’s security personnel with a real-time guard tour patrol system that makes the daily patrol data more reliable and timely, and strives to prevent problems.


Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoints on the route or equipment of the patrol work area, log in to the cloud guard tour patrol system and set the checkpoint ID number to “actual patrol location name” in accordance with the actual patrol management requirements, and set the corresponding patrol time through the guard tour system software (patrol plan) .Then distribute the real-time patrol system reader to the patrol personnel. The patrol personnel hold the guard tour patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location, use the guard tour system reader to sense the checkpoint, and the guard tour system reader will automatically record the name of the place and the time of arrival. At the same time, the patrol information is sent to the electronic guard tour patrol system in real time through the GPRS network. Managers can view detailed patrol data of patrol personnel in real time through computers, mobile phones, and WeChat.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of frequent missed or wrong patrols by patrol personnel, and the safety of the station is guaranteed.
2. Solved the situation that ordinary guard tour patrol system reader could not upload data in real time.
3. Solved the situation that the patrol personnel could not feed back to the management center in time when encountering an emergency. 

Product Introduction: