Guard Tour System – Hangzhou Dongcheng Fourth Kindergarten

Location: Hangzhou Dongcheng Fourth Kindergarten

Project Necessity:

Unable to assess whether the inspectors patrol as required.
Cannot guarantee safe passage, corridor, and other positions free of obstruction at any time.
It cannot guarantee the safety of water and electricity property after school.


Everyone is concerned about children’s safety. All parents want to choose a kindergarten with a warm education environment, democratic upbringing, the atmosphere of children’s fun, elegant, and harmonious colors. Moreover, the most important thing is safety.
In order to comprehensively protect the safety of kindergarten children, this kindergarten introduced the JWM guard tour system.

Project Introduction:

Through the setting of checkpoints, standardize the patrol route, change the mode of check-in and check-up with paper, improve the management efficiency, find hidden trouble in time, maximize the protection of children’s safety.
“All parents and teachers are most concerned about the safety of their children, and the JWM patrol system has helped us solve this problem very well. It is simple to operate, and the statistics are also convenient, both the management and the patrol officers were satisfied.”

Solve Problems:

1. Make patrol personnel, time, task, patrol plan, conduct a quantitative assessment on the work of patrol personnel, and avoid people leaving their posts;
2. Through the WM-5000V4S reader, the security guard can ensure patrol in the teaching building, playground, corridors, amusement facilities, and various monitoring dead-ends, reducing the security risks caused by safety accidents;
3. Ensure the quality of patrol, can timely understand and find problems, deal with the situation in a timely manner to ensure the safety of children;
4. Analyze and process patrol information through software, provide useful information for the security work, and make corresponding strategies to solve the problem in the bud.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S