Location: Haidian Railway Protection Team


Project necessity:

1. Railway is the main artery of China’s national economy. Railway transportation has played a pivotal role in China’s transportation for a long time. The safety of the railway has always been highly valued by the State and the Ministry of Railways.
2. With the development of the economy, the hidden dangers of various public security accidents in railway transportation are gradually increasing. The various accidents and sudden accidents are based on the patrol of the basic road conditions such as railway subgrade, rails, switches, signal lights and railway bridges. It is applied to the patrol of facilities and communication lines along the railway.
3. Although the management center allows the line patrol and maintenance personnel to conduct regular patrol, due to the negligence of the staff, the thoughts of paralysis, and the existence of luck, there are potential safety hazards to the normal operation of the railway.


Leaders at all levels in Haidian District attach great importance to the work of road protection and prevention, with a high starting point, practical measures and good results, and have contributed to maintaining regional security and stability and smooth railway transportation. The Haidian District Railway has resolutely eliminated all kinds of safety hazards along the railways in the region, comprehensively improved the level of road protection and prevention, and ensured the safe and smooth railway transportation. After careful consideration by the leaders, it decided to use the JWM Guard Tour System for railway patrol.

Project Introduction:

The person in charge of the railway first needs to install the checkpoint according to the route of the railway patrol and the position that needs to be patrolled, and then arrange the patrol personnel of each patrol route or time period to input the fingerprint into the X-Guard 1 Fingerprint Guard Tour System Reader, and finally pass the electronic guard tour patrol system will record the names of the various checkpoints, and each person and fingerprint, patrol time or cycle will be entered into the system. The electronic guard tour patrol system will automatically make the uploaded data into a patrol plan. The patrol personnel only need to patrol according to the patrol plan. When they arrive at each location, they need to verify the fingerprints. Otherwise, they can’t read them, so that they can check the patrols. Check whether there are any safety hazards in the area at the same time and deal with. After the patrol, the patrol personnel connect the X-Guard 1 Fingerprint Guard Tour System Reader to the computer through the data line, and then uploads the data to the electronic guard tour patrol system. The system automatically organizes the data and makes a patrol report for the administrator to view. The information recorded in the report is accurate and clear and cannot be falsified.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the patrol personnel are negligent in their duties, missing patrols, wrong patrols, or even the person in charge of the railway.
2. Solved the situation that the patrol personnel did not conduct patrol personnel according to the shift schedule, resulting in the patrol being not in place and causing hidden dangers to the railway safety.
3. Solved the problem that the paper patrol report is troublesome, easy to falsify, and the railway owner cannot know.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1