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Project Necessity

The patrol work of yibai pharmaceutical factory generally adopts the more traditional recording methods such as manual attendance book record or leader spot check. With the development of The Times, its disadvantages are more and more obvious. This kind of traditional patrol method has poor reliability, low efficiency, insufficient record authenticity of patrol, easy to fake, managers are not easy to accurately grasp the working conditions of security guards, resulting in security guards lazy and slack.


JWM Guard Tour management system, through electronic centralized management of security guards, can ensure that the security guards can fulfill their duties, within a reasonable set time, on time, according to the route of the pharmaceutical factory each area of patrol, to ensure that the work is rigorous and effective, can face emergencies. JWM is an important part of the safety prevention technology system, which can improve the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of security guards through the combination of “three prevention”, eliminate hidden danger in time and prevent danger in advance.

Project Introduction

Guizhou yibai pharmaceutical co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production, and sales of new drugs. The company was founded on June 12, 1995, completed the shareholding reform in November 2000, and successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in March 2004 (securities code 600594), becoming the first non-public enterprise to obtain a listing qualification in Guizhou province.

Solve Problems

1. Ensure that the security guards can patrol the areas in the pharmaceutical factory as planned, improve the quality and intensity of the patrol, make the patrol serious and complete, timely deal with the problems found, and reduce the hidden safety risks.
2. The managers make patrol plans, define patrol routes and security guards through the background patrol software to manage patrol data uniformly, reduce time waste caused by manual data sorting, and eliminate data fraud.
3. Analyze patrol information through patrol system, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve problems in the bud and nip in the bud.
4. Instead of the traditional check-in form, B/S version patrol management software is adopted to realize the unified management and maintenance of data, upload patrol data to the server, realize the unified management of the patrol situation by the managers, and form report files so as to be available for reference.

Product Introduction

Long Range Multifunctional Security RFID Management System