Guard Tour System - Guizhou Optical Cable GPS Patrol Project

Location:Guizhou Optical Cable GPS Patrol Project


Project Necessity:

1. After heavy rains and other special circumstances, the patrolmen are out of their posts and fail to conduct patrols in accordance with regulations, resulting in potential safety hazards. When necessary, the lack of people stationed in the main line section can not ensure the safety of the optical cable line. 

2. In case of emergencies that endanger the safe operation of optical cable lines and their auxiliary facilities, repair personnel cannot quickly and accurately reach the scene. 

3. Patrolmen are too scattered, difficult to manage, and difficult to assess personnel. 

4. Past patrol records are missing and cannot provide correct and reliable data support for the formulation of future patrol plans.


The first- and second-tier optical fiber cable transmission network of Guizhou Province passes through Guiyang, Zunyi, Anshun, Duyun, Kaili, Bijie, Tongren, Liupanshui, Southeast Guizhou, Southwest Guizhou and other prefectures along the way, with a total length of 3,200 kilometers. For a long time, Guiyang control center has adopted the JWM intelligent guard patrol system of JWM High-tech Development Co., Ltd. Realize the remote real-time monitoring of the patrol of the district and county agency maintenance units by the management center, and assess the work of patrol personnels to achieve the purpose of centralized management.


Project Introduction:

The management center sets up a patrol section every 40 kilometers, during which there are more than 100 designated checkpoints (a checkpoint is set at 300-500 meters); nearly a hundred patrol officers from various cities and municipalities will divide the work of the above transmission lines. Conduct patrols and be responsible for the corresponding patrol section. Different patrol plans can be made for different patrol segments, such as 3 times a month or 1 time a week. Patrolmen should complete the patrol within the specified time period and reach the designated patrol sections and checkpoints through step patrols or vehicle patrols.

Solve Problems:

1. Patrol as required to check for illegal use and storage of flammable and explosive materials.
2. Check whether there is any illegal smoking, littering of cigarette butts, matches, and key inspections of places where smoking is prohibited.
3. Check for any occupation, blockage, closed evacuation passages, safety exits, or other phenomena that hinder safe evacuation.
4. Focus on checking for damage, misappropriation, or unauthorized removal or deactivation of fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and timely handling and replacement of problematic facilities.
5. Put an end to the phenomenon of personnel being out of work, ensure uninterrupted inspections, uninterrupted supervision, uninterrupted services, and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in the bud.
6. When the night security patrols the surroundings of the hospital, you can use the patrol great lighting function, which is more convenient and safe.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6