Guard Tour System - Guiyang Sanjiang Drug Rehabilitation Center

Location:Guiyang Sanjiang Drug Rehabilitation Center


Project Necessity:

1. The drug rehabilitation center is a special place, and patrol personnel must conduct regular patrol inspections on a regular basis. 
2. According to the regulations, ward rounds are required every day, but there are too many rooms, and occasionally there are places that are missed.
3. When the person in charge of the drug rehabilitation center leaves the drug rehabilitation center, he cannot know whether the patrol person is patrolling as required.


Guiyang Sanjiang Compulsory Isolation Drug Rehabilitation Center is located in the northeast of Guiyang City, covering an area of 7795.6 mu. Drug rehabilitation officers shoulder the mission of educating and managing drug rehabilitation personnel and maintaining the stability of drug rehabilitation centers. Guiyang Sanjiang Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation Center has adopted the JWM Cloud Guard Tour Patrol System to help it be more standardized and rigorous in its daily patrols.


Project Introduction:

First, the person in charge installs checkpoints in the key patrol locations and rooms that need to be patrolled every day, and then senses the guard tour patrol reader and checkpoints, and enters the name of the location and the time required for daily patrols and the patrol personnel into the cloud guard tour patrol system at the same time among them, the intelligent guard tour patrol system will automatically set a patrol plan, and the person in charge only needs to set the patrol time and cycle. When patrolling, patrol personnel can patrol as planned. After the patrol, upload the patrol data, and the cloud guard tour patrol system will automatically draw the patrol data into a table for the person in charge to view.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the occurrence of patrol personnel’s daily missed patrols, wrong patrols, etc., to ensure the patrol effect.
2. Solved the situation that there were too many rooms in the drug rehabilitation center and the patrol personnel were not in place.
3. Solved the situation that the person in charge of the drug treatment center could not check the accurate patrol data and know the patrol status after leaving the drug treatment center.
4. The V8 long-distance guard tour patrol reader reduces the patrol distance of the patrol personnel. Some positions can be clearly seen, so there is no need to climb high or go to patrol far away, which reduces the work of patrol personnel.

Product Introduction: