Guard Tour System - Guangxi University

Location: Guangxi University

Project Necessity

In recent years, the numerous public safety emergencies in our school, campus security has risen to national level, to strengthen security work, the implementation of the corrective measures to strengthen the guard work, quickly organized the campus security patrol,find safe hidden trouble, the safety problems in the scientific management, to ensure the safety of the school, has been widely recognized.


JWM guard patrol management software is mainly used for the campus guard, to prevent accidents, guarantee personal and property security, to ensure that the student during the period of school health, peace and stability and further strengthen the college campus security civilization construction work.

Project Introduction

Guangxi University is a local comprehensive university with a long history, the school guard patrol equipment is our work to strengthen the security and stability of a new initiative, but also to strengthen the students’ self-management, self-education effective way, the college will be to improve the utilization of GPS patrol device for high-tech products, as well as to the school guard members ideas and professional training, make it’s really ready to help create civilized and harmonious campus.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The combination of science and technology and personnel solves the problem of lax supervision in the traditional patrol mode.
  • 2. Reduce various uncivilized phenomena on campus.
  • 3. The JWM guard tour system effectively assisted relevant departments to deal with all kinds of student emergencies, which greatly improved work efficiency.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+