Guard Tour System – Guangdong Zhongshan Lihe Square

Location: Guangdong Zhongshan Lihe Square

Project Necessity

1. Shopping malls are places where people gather, and people come and go frequently and complicatedly. As a result, harmful phenomena such as destruction of public facilities often occur.
2. A large number of goods and commodities are piled up, which is also a fire-prone area. Many commodity warehouses are located in basement. The problems of leakage of various pipelines and aging of wire lines are not easy to detect. There are hidden dangers such as immersion of goods and fire. Once problems occur, it is difficult to find them in time.


Located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Zhongshan Lihe Square are the representative works of Lihe Group’s brand image. The “profit and business circle” centered on Lihe Square has irreproducible geographical advantages, and has become a multi-functional business circle gathered by residential, shopping, consumption, leisure and entertainment, business office, finance and other services. It radiates the towns in Zhongshan, even the surrounding towns and Hong Kong and Macao areas, and greatly improves the brand image of Zhongshan City.

Project Introduction

In the early days, Lihe Square used traditional paper check-in and other manufacturers’ single-machine software patrols, but they did not work. The hidden dangers repeatedly threatened the safety of operation. After repeated experiments, JWM guard tour patrol management system was finally introduced. Combined with the existing management standards and systems, backstage management was carried out through guard tour system software patrol responsibility areas were set up and checkpoints were placed in the area, and patrol management of shopping malls was carried out strictly in accordance with the patrol plan.

Solve Problems

1. Patrolling can strengthen the observation of the environment and maintain public order in the patrol area.
2. Patrol the construction projects under construction, eliminating hidden dangers in the bud and preventing them in the future.
3. Instead of traditional paper check-in, the phenomenon of security laziness has been solved through scientific electronic management.
4. The centralized management of profit and group headquarters has been realized, and the inadequate supervision has been avoided.
5. By patrolling, we can strengthen the protection of people’s property and find suspicious situations and personnel can deal with them in time.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5