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Project Necessity

1. As the object of design and construction in engineering construction activities, construction workers have the characteristics of high operational mobility and vulnerability to environmental influences, which make their safety production significantly different from other industries. Construction safety accidents are frequent, generally speaking, mainly divided into: falling high, electric shock, object strike, mechanical injury, collapse outside the five major injuries. There have also been fires at construction sites and workers’ dormitories. The direct and indirect economic losses caused by safety accidents are huge every year.
2. The causes of accidents are one is the unsafe behavior of people and the other is the unsafe state of things. In fact, there are problems in management behind the two reasons, so in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, management should be improved. In the scene mainly change the unsafe behavior of people, of course, the unsafe state of the matter also to tube. To change people’s unsafe behavior, in addition to changing the concept, but also to change the management style.


Guangdong Huakun Construction Group Co., LTD founded in March 2006, is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Business development direction: from the “construction contract” to the integration of the whole value chain of “the project general contracting” vertical development, from “residence buildings, municipal main business” to “housing construction (including the prefabricated construction, decoration), infrastructure (municipal), bridge, water conservancy, rural construction,” three horizontal integration business areas, from the traditional business model to develop the EPC, the PPP, straight from the headquarters to headquarters to do platform project, many number company, division, subsidiary of straight pipe three-level control mode of the project. Huakun continues to adhere to the management logic of “legal person management project + four chemicals construction + business partner mechanism + cultural traction”, and is committed to becoming a leading “integrated service provider of urban and rural construction” in China.

Project Introduction

Safety patrol is an important means and measure to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents and ensure safe production. In order to improve production conditions and working environment, to achieve the best condition, the operation environment Huakun group introduced JWM Guard Tour System, through the on site installation location area patrolling the important checkpoints and plan set, forming a set time, place, personnel, planning, data security patrol system, through to the security officer of quantitative assessment, realize electronic management, eliminate the unsafe factors at the same time, to ensure the safety of the production.

Solve Problems

1. The management personnel of the security department shall place the checkpoints in the patrol positions and make patrol plans and safety officers. It realizes the unified management and quantitative assessment of the safety officer, avoids the time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improves the safety officer’s safety responsibility consciousness.
2. Ensure that the safety officer carefully inspects the production equipment, facilities, tools, operating environment and the wearing of labor protection articles within the working area of the site every day.
3. The on-time tour can accurately analyze, judge and deal with abnormal situations in the production process, eliminate unsafe factors in time, and reduce the hidden dangers of five types of safety accidents in construction.
4. Vanguard 4S Guard Tour System Reader use RFID card technology, wireless communication, no contact, better protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. Do not need full-time personnel maintenance, the use cost is almost negligible.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S