Guard Tour System – Guangdong Foshan Snow Beer Co., LTD

Location: Guangdong Foshan Snow Beer Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. The administrator cannot know whether the security personnel missed the patrol, on time to patrol, whether to patrol.
2. The factory staff often forget to close the equipment power supply after work, and the doors of each exit will be ignored by security personnel when they patrol, resulting in equipment damage and other hidden dangers.
3. When security personnel patrol at night, the traditional patrol function is single, only read the card function, but also need to take other equipment, patrol more constrained.


Food safety has always been widely concerned. For large enterprises, if something goes wrong, it will immediately appear in the headlines and have a huge impact on them. In the face of the food manufacturing area in the factory, it is necessary to focus on the patrol every day. In order to improve the management efficiency of the brewery and reduce the security risks, Guangdong Foshan Snow Beer Co., LTD has adopted the JWM intelligent cloud patrol systemJWM guard tour patrol system for Guangdong Foshan Snow Beer Co., LTD to provide a strong security support, to ensure the security of personnel.

Project Introduction

The management personnel will install the checkpoints in the locations where they need to patrol, face the key areas, focus on patrol, and input the location, patrol personnel and patrol time of each area into the intelligent guard tour patrol system, so as to make the patrol plan and patrol track. Security personnel patrol according to the patrol plan, to read the card everywhere, the problem in time to deal with. After the patrol is over, the patrol personnel will connect the guard tour system patrol reader with the host through the data line, upload the patrol data to the management center, brake and draw the patrol form for the management personnel to view.

Solve Problems

1. Solved the patrol personnel because of the negative work, there is leakage not patrol and so on, the hidden trouble control to the minimum.
2. It solves the problem of beverage safety caused by external reasons and ensures the safety of the products.
3. It solves the problem that security personnel need to carry a lot of equipment when patrolling, frees the hands of security personnel and makes patrolling more efficient.
4. According to the patrol plan, track patrol, improve the efficiency of patrol personnel patrol, save a lot of time, reduce useless work.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S