Guard Tour System – Guangdong Boya Holiday Hotel

Location: Guangdong Boya Holiday Hotel

Project Necessity

1. Safety work is an important link in the development of enterprises, and hotel safety management is the basic premise and important guarantee of hotel operation, service and efficiency.
2. Safety patrol is an effective management method. Only by allowing service personnel to pass routine safety patrol, post safety patrol, professional safety patrol and regular safety patrol, can the unsafe problems in operation be solved, the hidden dangers of accidents be eliminated, and the personal and property safety of hotel guests and employees be guaranteed. Provide safe operation and service environment.


Guangdong Boya Holiday Hotel is 20 stories high with a building area of more than 10,000 square meters. The design and decoration of facilities and equipments have four-star standards. It has more than 150 luxury and comfortable rooms. In order to ensure the safe operation of the hotel, managers introduce JWM Hotel Guard Tour Management System to eliminate the hidden dangers of hotel safety.

Project Introduction

Guangdong Boya Holiday Hotel managers introduce JWM Hotel Guard Tour Management System, the system installs checkpoints in the main entrance, lobby, restaurant, parking lot, fire control passage, safety door, elevator and other places where there are many potential safety hazards and blind areas. Patrol plan is set up by backstage guard tour system software. The staff in charge of patrol hold the guard tour system reader, scan the checkpoint after arriving at the designated location according to the specified time. The guard tour patrol reader records the name of the place and the arrival time automatically, so as to assess the work situation of the guard and make the hidden dangers invisible.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol according to plan can prevent theft, fire and safety incidents, while checking fire access, elevators, corridors and other locations of the hotel for anomalies, damage or malfunction.
2. Check the fire automatic alarm system, hydrant system, sprinkler system, smoke control and smoke exhaust system and other fire fighting facilities in the hotel according to the plan to ensure that the facilities are in good condition and can play their due role.
3. Patrol according to plan can deal with general safety, fire cases and customer complaints. In case of emergency, timely contact with the hotel lobby manager, and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with.
4. Make the patrol records available to check, prevent hotel staff from missing tours, improve safety awareness, and achieve scientific and modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S