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Project Necessity

1. Community is the main carrier of perfect urban management and functions. On the road to urbanization, community property security is not only an integral part of the overall security of the city, but also the basis of social stability and the basic environment of urban economic and cultural development.
2. The security of community property is related to thousands of families. The development of a safe community is to make every micro link and part of the safety requirements, so that everyone has a sense of security.
3. The fire fighting facilities in various locations in the community are aging and outdated and cannot be used, and the management personnel have no way to know. Security personnel will appear leakage patrol, wrong patrol phenomenon, resulting in security risks.


GSN are currently a German property management service company in China, headquartered in Switzerland. GSN(Shanghai) was founded in 1996. Its new European management system has been highly recognized by the high-end market. With the accession of China to the WTO, GSN provide the most excellent and absolutely targeted professional service programs for Chinese customers and transnational customers with a rigorous, meticulous and honest working attitude and knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market.

Project Introduction

GSN Property Services Co., Ltd to use the JWM guard tour patrol system to ensure the safety of the community. The management personnel of the community will be installed in the community each need to tour position, tour position, personnel, tour time input guard tour system management center, develop the security patrol plan. The security personnel hold the guard tour system reader on time to each checkpoint induction, the guard tour system reader records the security patrol time, personnel, and when the patrol position. After the end of the patrol, the security personnel will upload the patrol data to the electronic guard tour patrol system with cable connection, and the management personnel can know the security patrol situation through the electronic guard tour patrol system.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of leakage patrol, increase the frequency of patrol, and ensure that patrol personnel conduct on-site security patrol management as required.
2.Property management personnel conduct systematic management on patrol time control through guard tour patrol software, reasonably allocate patrol forces, define the key patrol time, place, route and time, and keep the time control on track. Patrol in place to detect potential trouble and eliminate.
3. Increase the frequency of patrol in key areas, better complete the work of security protection and hidden danger detection, timely report and start emergency plan for proper disposal in case of emergency, and minimize the loss caused by accidents and disasters.
4. Property management center through unified management of data, reduce the time waste caused by manual data collation, eliminate data fraud, and provide a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S