Guard Tour System – GreenTree Inn Hotel

Location: GreenTree Inn Hotel

Project Necessity

Guests come to the hotel to have a variety of needs, guests must live in a comfortable environment, clean hotel supplies, delicious food, and guests want to see the waiter’s smile and cordial greetings. This is a very direct requirement that we can easily feel. In fact, guests also have an implicit need, that is the need for their own security.


GreenTree Inn Hotel Management Group is a professional hotel management group founded in China by a number of American companies. It owns 4 quality brands and multiple sub-brands of Green Oriental Hotel, GreenTree Inn Hotel, Green Tree Hotel and Green Union Hotel. GreenTree Inn United JWM Guard Tour System provides customers with high quality, safe and cost-effective products and services of “super health, super comfort, super value, super expectation”.

Project Introduction

According to the characteristics of the hotel, JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd installs checkpoints at the main entrances, front desks, restaurants, fire exits, security gates, corridors and elevators where the hotel has a lot of traffic, such as locations, safety hazards and surveillance blind spots. Through the background guard tour system software to set up the patrol plan, the security handheld guard tour patrol system machine responsible for patrol, scans the checkpoint after the specified time to the designated position, and the guard tour patrol system machine automatically records the location name and arrival time, so that the security work can be realized. Record and assessment management.

Solve Problems

1. Patrol according to plan, can prevent theft, fire, security incidents, and check fire exits and facilities, elevators, corridors and other facilities in the hotel, whether there is any change or loss.
2. According to the plan patrol can handle general safety, fire cases and customer complaints. In case of emergency, contact the hotel lobby manager in time, and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with.
3. Let the patrol record be well documented, prevent security personnel from patrolling, improve safety awareness, and realize scientific modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S