Guard Tour System – Gongxing Oil Depot

Location:Gongxing Oil Depot of Chengdu Communications Oil and Energy Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Oil is a flammable liquid with certain danger, which is easy to burn and explode in case of open fire or high heat;volatile, diffusivity, after the diffusion of gas and air mixture, in the event of an open fire is more likely to explode and backfire, so the safety patrol is the most important.
2. Not patrolling for a long time cannot ensure that the fire equipment is in good condition and easy to access at any time;the pipeline and its accessories are not patrolled in time and easy to leak;night patrols tend to replace patrols.


Gongxing Oil Depot is affiliated to Chengdu Communications Oil and Energy Co., LTD,which obtained the second-level enterprise certificate of safety standardization issued by Sichuan provincial administration of work safety on February 28, 2008.Oil depot is mainly engaged in gasoline, diesel oil storage business.Gongxing Oil Depot introduced JWM guard tour management system, through this system to make patrol according to the system for oil storage tanks, fire control facilities and their containers, foam liquid storage tank and comprehensive office building designated patrol regularly, in order to find hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of patrol greatly to strengthen the construction of the safety of oil depots and to patrol work for effective supervision and management.

Project Introduction

The guard tour patrol system software is used to develop the patrol plan in accordance with the safety management regulations of the oil depot, and the patrol is carried out according to the plan. The fingerprint identification function ensures that every patrol personnel completes the patrol by himself, avoiding the patrol and ensuring the quality of the patrol.In the need of key patrol locations, such as fire facilities, electricity areas, near the safety channel to increase the density of distribution points, make the patrol rigorous, strive to find and solve safety hidden dangers in time.X-Guard 1 Fingerprint Guard Tour System Reader with the step counting function, can assess the work of the patrol personnel, mobilize the enthusiasm of the patrol personnel, find strangers in the factory in time to inquire, to avoid the safety training of people into the factory at will, the violation of operation caused by danger.With its own lighting function, patrol personnel do not need to wear a flashlight during night patrol.

Solve Problems

1. The patrol work has realized scientific management and standardized management, which has promoted the patrol work of the staff, and the staff of each device can patrol around the clock.
2. Strengthen the security of key posts and key parts and eliminate hidden dangers. In case of accidents or emergencies, timely report and start emergency plans for proper disposal in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures, so as to minimize the losses caused by accidents and disasters.
3. Timely found and dealt with hidden dangers of multiple devices, which significantly reduced the failure rate of devices and guaranteed the smooth and safe operation of devices.
4. Instead of the traditional check-in form, through guard tour system management software to realize the unified management of data maintenance, each department tour more data can be in different status in their department will tour more data uploaded to the server, realize the managers of different department the patrol of the unified management, and can form the report file, do it well documented.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1