Guard Tour System – Gansu Baiyin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor

Location: Gansu Baiyin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor

Project Necessity:

1. During the construction of the project, the patrolmen did not patrol in accordance with the requirements of the patrol system.
2. The tube corridor has a long distance, and it is impossible to install a patrol point when patrolling outdoors.
3. In case of accidents during the patrol process, the patrol officer cannot report to the management center in time.


The main underground pipeline corridor of Baiyin City has a total length of 26.25 kilometers. The main pipeline corridor has 221 kilometers of various pipelines and 19.83 kilometers of overhead lines. The JWM intelligent guard tour patrol system has played an important role in realizing intelligent, safe and efficient real-time detection and patrols and warnings of abnormal conditions in key patrol locations in Gansu Baiyin underground pipeline corridor. The intelligent guard tour patrol system has achieved unified planning and management The large one facilitates the maintenance and overhaul of the pipe gallery facilities.

Project Introduction:

The manager installs checkpoints according to the topography, route, and patrol locations of underground comprehensive pipe Corridor, reads the PH6 guard tour system patrol reader and the installed checkpoints. The locations where the checkpoints cannot be installed collect the coordinate points by GPS coordinate positioning, and then mark the location of each point. Name, at the same time enter the patrol information and patrol time in the management center. The GPS management center will automatically draw patrol plans and patrol tracks. When the patrol man patrols, he can hold the guard tour system reader to reach various points or coordinate sensing according to the patrol plan and patrol trajectory. In case of unsolvable problems, you can send an alarm function to the management center, and record the situation by taking pictures, voice and other functions. The patrol data will be uploaded, and the management center will automatically organize the patrol data and draw it into a table for the administrator to view. The patrol record is more accurate, and the patrol situation is clear.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that patrol officers did not follow the patrol system.
2 Solved the situation that the distance of the pipe corridor is long and the checkpoint cannot be installed in outdoor patrol
3. It solves the situation that the accidental situation during the patrol cannot be reported to the management center in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6