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Location: Fushun Qilong Chemical Co., LTD

Project Necessity:

1. Patrol in place to confirm the way is not scientific, easy to be modified and no electronic management, serious favoritism fraud.
2. Patrol personnel leave their posts without authorization. During the patrol, they cannot timely find the changes and damages of the safety protection facilities such as the fence, barbed wire, alarm and monitoring outside the factory and reservoir area. Missing patrol and wrong patrol occur from time to time, and the patrol result cannot be supervised and guaranteed; failure to carry out key patrols and patrol on key departments on time cannot effectively prevent theft, damage and handle outstanding incidents.
3. Check-in tools are easily damaged and need to be replaced regularly; the paper work is complicated and time-consuming, the records are difficult to identify, and the data cannot be effectively analyzed, so it is difficult to trace and review the historical records.


Fushun Qilong Chemical Co., LTD., founded in 2010, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Qilong Chemical Co., LTD. The company is engaged in the industry of “comprehensive utilization of ethylene by-products industry”, through rectification, polymerization, depolymerization, flash distillation and other processes to produce petroleum resin, water-reducing agent special naphthalene, carbon black base materials and other products. In order to ensure production safety and improve safety awareness, Qilong Introduced JWM intelligent guard patrol system and established an effective inspection mechanism.

Project Introduction:

JWM security patrol system standardizing the patrol management process of Qilong Chemical Co., Ltd and strengthening the supervision of patrol work by pre-installing fixed checkpoints. Through setting up security personnel, time, task and patrol plan in the background guard tour system software, the work of patrol personnel is quantitatively assessed. Security personnel hand-held guard tour system reader can grasp the running condition of the equipment and find and eliminate the abnormal hidden danger of the production equipment in time, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Solve Problems:

1. Set up patrol tasks through background guard tour software system, which can ensure security personnel to check the operation of factory equipment according to the position on time and realize scientific electronic management.
2. Patrol the chemical plant, including the operation of safety fire-fighting facilities and equipment, equipment safety protection device, pressure vessel safety accessories, safety monitoring equipment, facilities and accident alarm device. Through targeted patrol to reduce the situation of missed patrol, wrong patrol, at the same time to meet the requirements of safety production, ensure the safe, effective and stable operation of equipment.
3. Improve the patrol quality and the inspection intensity of the equipment, so that the patrol is serious, the inspection is in place, the problem is found in time to deal with, to create a good operating environment for the equipment, reduce the security risks.
4. Through the intelligent security guard tour patrol system, the patrol information is analyzed to provide useful information for the patrol work, and corresponding strategies are formulated to solve the problems in the bud and nip in the bud.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S