Guard Tour System – Fushun Industrial and Commercial Bank

Location: Fushun Industrial and Commercial Bank

Project Necessity

1. Banks must close all doors and windows before they leave work every day, but security guards who forget to turn off one of them will cause a huge risk to the bank.
2. The fire protection facilities of the bank must be in a state where they can be used at any time, but many facilities have expired and damaged due to long-forgotten patrol.
3. The traditional patrol report mainly relies on the way of signing by paper and pen, and often the case of instead of attendance and retroactive, the manager has no evidence to rely on.


The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd Fushun Branch was established on February 28, 1996. The office address is located at Fushun, the “Coal Capital”, No. 4, Dongqi Road, Xinfu District, Fushun. The bank mainly provides the license to operate the China Banking Regulatory Commission. For business approved by laws, administrative regulations and other regulations, the scope of business is subject to the approval documents.

Project Introduction

The management personnel set the location of the checkpoints installation according to the bank’s topography and layout, and then read the patrol personnel through the Vanguard 4S RFID Guard Tour System Reader, select the patrol personnel, and make the patrol time, and then all the information. At the same time, it is entered into the intelligent guard tour patrol system, and the system will automatically draw all the information into a patrol plan. Security personnel need to hold the guard tour patrol reader to check the cards at various checkpoints in time according to the patrol plan during the patrol. Check the windows and other work that needs to be paid attention to while reading the card. After the patrol is finished, upload the data of the guard tour patrol reader to on the computer side, the smart patrol system will draw all the uploaded data into a form for the administrator to view. The table will display the information of the patrol personnel, the time of arrival at each point, whether there is any point leaking information, etc. The patrol report can clearly tell the security patrol.

Solve Problems

1. Resolved the situation that security guards forgot to close all doors and windows after work.
2. Resolved the situation that the fire protection facilities in the bank could not be used normally due to lack of patrol for a long time.
3. Solved the situation that the paper patrol report has no evidence to follow.
4. Industrial grade protection, the sturdy body solves the malicious destruction of the guard tour patrol reader and increases the cost of repair.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S